laapataa ladies

May 7, 2024 /

Barby and I took a quick trip back to India last week. We watched the new Bollywood movie, Laapataa Ladies—which translates as Lost Ladies. It is as authentic and immersive an experience of India, in just two hours, that you could wish to have. Well, make that four hours because we watched it twice, with…


gladness and sadness in cochabamba

April 21, 2024 /

This was my third visit to Cochabamba, in Bolivia. On this occasion we gathered for the annual meeting of our Global Leadership Team (GLT). We like to rotate around the ‘home-places’ of our team members, giving each one the opportunity to offer hospitality. We had planned to go in March 2020, but first visa troubles…



November 11, 2023 /

As you can see, I am blogging again, after a four month break—but now using a new platform, with a fresh address/URL. This platform has new features, including the facility to sign-up to receive posts directly into your in-box, as well as the opportunity to feature three posts on the home page. My first set…


short-term mission: 5 questions, 7 practices

November 7, 2023 /

In my recent post about Mekdes Haddis’ book, A Just Mission: Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality, I promised to add a further post with her wisdom regarding short-term mission. She offers five questions and seven practices… Five Questions On her website she expands on these questions a little bit more. Seven Practices nice chatting…


beauty, birth, death

May 21, 2023 /

I am at Sydney airport, having just completed nine consecutive days of annual meetings with Langham Partnership. Yikes! However, for the first time in 15 years, I had only to cross a small ocean—NZers and Aussies call it ‘the ditch’—to be at the meetings.  I am grateful.  And to be in a hotel right on…


scars of war

April 24, 2023 /

It is that time of the year when we in NZ are reminded of the scars of war. On Saturday we stopped in Tirau, on our way home from meeting our new grand-daughter, Eden. We were waiting for dumplings and bubble tea from a roadside food truck. Barby had popped into a craft fair in…


the air we breathe

April 12, 2023 /

It is easy to become frustrated with the bias against Christianity in our society.   The bad stuff is magnified, while the good stuff is muted. In a society that champions fairness, it often seems unfair. In a society that advocates tolerance, it easily becomes intolerance.   Into this dilemma steps Glen Scrivener, with The Air We Breathe.…


cairo and the kohinoor

March 6, 2023 /

What a fun journey this has been… Cairo, a few months ago Last October, with the borders opening up, I returned to Cairo to visit our team there.  On this occasion my friend and colleague in Lebanon, Riad, came across for the meetings.  His presence opened the way to meet other people and ministries. One…


scenes from a study

February 13, 2023 /

We rushed home from India in that tiny window before the COVID-19 lockdown.  Two years later our belongings followed us, thanks to a small army of kind people who packed everything up for us.  Ever since our home has been piles and boxes—especially my study—because we were planning to move house, one with more space.…


cricket country

August 19, 2020 /

What delicious timing! I finished another book on the social history of cricket in South Asia on the same day that one of its most luminous cricketers retired from international cricket. MS Dhoni. On 2nd April 2011 (at the exact same time the institution where we were based in Bangalore – SAIACS – was having…



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After a childhood in India, a theological training in the USA and a pastoral ministry in Southland (New Zealand), I spent twenty years in theological education in New Zealand — first at Laidlaw College and then at Carey Baptist College, where I served as principal. In 2009 I began working with Langham Partnership and since 2013 I have been the Programme Director (Langham Preaching). Through it all I've cherished the experience of the 'gracious hand of God upon me' and I've relished the opportunity to 'unpack', or exegete, all that I encounter in my walk through life with Jesus.